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Educators Login

Logging in as an educator will allow you to view your school reports, view your candidate roster, purchase school reports, purchase Academic PEAT, and manage your Academic PEAT product keys.

School Reports

FSBPT offers school reports for PT and PTA program faculty to purchase to gain insight into their students performance on the National Physical Therapy Examination. Reports available for purchases are listed below and samples are provided.

Basic Pass Rate Report - Price: $0

Content Area Report - Price: $95

Graduate Performance Report - Price: $95

Benchmarking Report - Price: $125

Academic PEAT

The Practice Exam and Assessment Tool (PEAT) is a timed practice examination with the look and feel of the NPTE. Academic PEAT contains different exams than the PEAT available for individuals for both PT and PTA exam levels. PEAT includes an actual retired NPTE form that provides an estimated NPTE scale score and the ability to select different timing options for students who plan to take the NPTE with a timing accommodation.

Manage Cohorts

This section of the School Interface will allow you to view your current and past student rosters, student test dates, and which students have authorized their scores for release.